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Date: 2nd November 2016
24hr Emergency Telephone Number
China 24h Emergency Telephone NumberChemical incident emergency rescue is classified into 4 grades in China:Grade 0: providing information for chemical incident emergency rescue at working hours (8 hours);Grade I: providing information for chemical incident emergency rescue 24 hours a day,Website:http://www.randiscn.com, 7 days a week;Grade II: providing information for chemical incident emergency rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and at the same time sending experts to the scene to guide the rescue;Grade III: on the basis of Grade II, dispatching emergency rescue teams and equipment to involve in the rescue at scene.For the time-being, China requires companies to provide Grade I emergency response service i.e. 24hr emergency telephone number to be able to provide information helping the chemical incident rescue.'Administration on Dangerous Chemical Registration' (Order [2012] No. 53 of China SAWS, State Administration of Workplace Safety), AQ 3013-2008 'General Norms For Safety Management Standardization of Hazardous Chemical Practitioner Units', GB 15258-2009 'General Rule for Preparation of Precautionary Label for Chemicals', GB/T 17519-2013 'Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheet for chemical products' etc. all require that. Among them, GB 15258 and GB/T 17519 both require that for chemicals imported into China at least one 24 hour chemical emergency telephone number located in China should be provided in SDS and safety label.'Administration on Dangerous Chemical Registration' (Order [2012] No. 53 of China SAWS) details the requirements to the 24hr emergency telephone number: 1.Operate by full-time staff, 24hr on duty. The staff should be familiar with the hazard properties of their hazardous chemicals and with the corresponding emergency measures (emergency measures for fires/explosions/leakage/toxication /suffocation/burn during manufacture/usage/storage/transportation), should be able to response precisely.2.If the hazardous chemical manufacturers should entrust the 24hr emergency consultation to Registration Offices if they are not able to provide the consultation by themselves. 3.Importers of hazardous chemical shall set up emergency consultation service by themselves or by entrusting to Registration Office, and imprint the 24hr emergency telephone number on safety label of imported hazardous chemicals.The 24h ER Center of NRCC was nominated by China SAWS as China National Chemical Emergency Response Center, to provide information service 24 hours a day for chemical emergency cases happened inside mainland China.The emergency telephone number '0532-8388 9090' has been stated by SAWS as China nation-level emergency technical support number in case of chemical incident. The number can provide consultation in Chinese and English.Shanghai Chemical Registration Office can also be entrusted for 24hr emergency telephone number service.Companies need to pay for the entrustment for the 24hr emergency telephone number.As designated agent of NRCC, Randis can authorize companies around the world for the entrustment to NRCC and to Shanghai Chemical Registration Office.Should you have need, please contact us.