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Date: 24th November 2016
Materials Needed For Registration Of Imported Cosmetics
Materials Needed for Imported Cosmetics RegistrationTo make Imported Cosmetics Registration, for both Special Use Cosmetics and non-special cosmetics, materials below are needed:? Application form for registration??Nomenclature criteria of Product??Product formulation (including all ingredients and their concentration and functions)??Production process description and diagram??Product quality control requirement??Product original packaging (including label, usage description)??Test reports and related materials from a cosmetics test institution accredited by CFDA (currently 33 test institutions approved by CFDA)??Risk Assessment??Literature or other scientific supportive documents for functional ingredient of special cosmetics (hair nourishment cosmetics, body building cosmetics, breast massage/beauty cosmetics, speckle removal cosmetics including whitening cosmetics??China Representative company nomination??The non-use statement of raw materials from cow disease infected areas??Free sales proof of the cosmetics in the original country (region).??A cosmetics sample After tests by China accredited labs are completed, the registration dossier will be prepared for evaluation by evaluation committee of China CFDA. Registration Certificate will be issued then.