Randis ChemWise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Date: 9th January 2017
Regulation Background
New Chemical Registration --- BackgroundWith the effectiveness of Chemical Registration System in China from October 2003, and its revised version effective from October 15th of 2010, no chemical products containing NEW chemical substance are allowed to be imported/manufactured/used in Mainland China, before the new chemical substance is registered to MEP (Ministry of Environmental Protection of China) ? a pre-marketing / pre-manufacturing principle, also known as Chinese REACH system.??New Chemical Substances are these chemical substances not listed in IECSC (Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance of China).??New Chemical Registration should be made to MEP, by submitting a set of documents (including properties of these new chemical substances, their estimated effects to environment, to human, etc.) to MEP for evaluation and approval.?Special requirement on ecotoxicological data is that some must be tested inside China with Chinese test organism by certified labs.?To protect interest of the customer, Randis takes the liability not to disclose the information received from the customer (including the customer's name) to any 3rd party without written permission from the customer. Furthermore, Randis is also signing a same Secrecy Undertaking with the selected certified lab.